Are you ready to improve your sales process?

When thinking sales, the only questions to ask:

• Do you have Leads?
• Can you Close them?

It really is THAT simple.

Simple, but not easy.

I work with founders who have leads, founders who don’t, founders who can close and founders who are struggling.

Now, fill in the above and let’s see if I can help!

What are others saying?

When I first spoke to Scott we needed to do something to take our sales efforts to the next level as we wanted faster growth.

Scott and I worked together to go through my sales process from top to bottom. I enjoyed how he managed to de-construct my whole business into small parts, despite Scott having never worked in my industry.

Tiago Pereira

CEO, Weldnote

We’ve been working through some issues making the transition from founder-driven sales to having a dedicated internal sales team.

Scott has made the whole process clearer and easier – and most importantly, it has sped up my learning curve allowing me and my business to move faster.

Aaron Kassover

Founder, AgentMethods

Thank you for your interest!


Please note; I only work with sales-driven companies.

If you aren’t sure if you fit the criteria, please apply as I have a bonus for those just looking for help.

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