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(October 20th, 2020)

Sales tips for founders who sell, but are not “sales”people

Happy Tuesday!

Here is your One Video Interview, Two Expert Quotes and One Community Submission.

One Video Interview

It’s not about closing (then what is it about??)

This week Scott Sambucci walks us through why “closing” is a misnomer and what it REALLY is.

Two Expert Quotes

I. Kevin Kelly, former co-founder Wired

“Rule of 3 in conversation. To get to the real reason, ask a person to go deeper than what they just said. Then again, and once more. The third time’s answer is close to the truth”

II. Brian Tracey, Best Selling Author

“Treat objections as requests for further information.”

One Community Submission

Nick McHenry Co-Founder @ Clientelier

“FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP, FOLLOW UP. Until they have gotten back to you saying they are not interested, keep following up.”

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