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Does this sound like you?

Your MAIN source of new business is referrals.

It’s completely normal for a business to start from word of mouth and referrals.

But it’s only the first step. What happens when a client cancels and you aren’t sure how you’re going to find new revenue?

New REVENUE is the blocker to your business growing.

You’ve built the systems to handle 10x the client work BUT you have no idea where it will come from.

Everyone you speak to says “we love it” and “we’ll get back to you”… but they don’t become clients to keep the business going, never mind growing.

You’re ALONE and unsure where to turn 

It’s very common for “sales” founders to feel alone. Especially if “sales” is new to them.

You can’t ask your co-founders – they’ve never sold.
You can’t ask your friends and family – they aren’t sales people.
You can’t even ask that friend who sells ice-to-eskimos – they sell something completely different.

Maybe you just need a place to talk to your peers, founders who sell.

But it’s not for everyone…


An IDEAL community member:

You are a Founder, CEO or leading your sales efforts
You sell an annual contract value of over $3,000
You sell tech, or to tech businesses
You grow by sales calls, the 1-1 kind
You sell, and/or have up to 3 sales team members
You have paying clients
You are willing to contribute to the community


This community is NOT for:

People looking to outsource their sales
People looking to prospect – peers not prospects
People who sell/serve anyone outside tech
People who grow by marketing/self-signup only
People who haven’t started yet
People looking to recruit, spam or lurk

Meet some of the members

30+ founders from 15 countries have already joined.

“When Scott first pitched me the Sales Mastermind community I knew in the first 10 min that I would be a part of that group…
And it did not disappoint. If you want to get great sales advice, brainstorm ideas, get insight in to new sales and marketing strategies this is the right group to be in.”

Aleksandar Mishachkovski

CEO, A Few Good Geeks

“I’ve learned so much since joining the Sales Mastermind – both from Scott and the other members. In particular we’re now qualifying potential customers better, and closing more sales as a result. I’m also more productive, personally – the weekly calls with other business owners help keep me accountable and give me a sounding board for advice when I need it.”

Ryan Wardell

Co-Founder, StartupSauce

Sound like you?

You’ll need to complete the Sales Mastermind Community application.

Everyone is asked a few questions about their business and their experience.

Then one of two things will happen:

1) I think you might be a good fit, so we jump on a call with you (either myself or someone on the team) to see how we can help you.

2) I don’t think the timing is right for a conversation, so we get in touch with some resources that can help get you ready.

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